Technology & Telecom

Indian telecom market has seen a boom since 1990s and this has led to many new entrants and spiralling prices for the end-consumer. Moreover, with the advent of 3G services, most incumbents are backing on the value-added services to increase ARPU (average revenue per user) which has taken a tumble since 1990s. With digitization and convergence, the two key trends at the forefront of the technology and telecom interplay, the future in the industry is both exciting and challenging at the same time.

Key Services

RedSeer has worked with a variety of incumbents in the technology and telecom space. Ranging from the leading e-commerce players, technology outsourcing providers, mobile operators etc. We have provided services that span the whole value chain of technology ideation and marketing:

  • Business Strategy
  • Sales & marketing initiatives
  • Refining service offerings
  • Cost Benchmarking

Client Success Stories

Monetization Strategy for Travel

Client, an online travel portal had a diverse set of offering on the portal and the web-traffic was high. However, monetization was limited and there was competition from different set of market players.

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Verticalization of BPO

Company had recently transformed its organization structure from function-based to vertical-based, and wanted to create domain expertise for telecom vertical management.

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Thought Leadership

France Telecom Diversification Study

France Telecom made a strategic choice with its foray into e-health through Orange Healthcare. This study evaluates the strategic implications of such a decision.

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Convergence in Outsourcing

Convergence in telecom is pervasive and creates various challenges for all the stakeholders in the telecom ecosystem. This article evaluates these impacts on the outsourcing providers and recommends building in-house domain expertise to tackle these challenges.

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