Sales and Marketing

Today’s dynamic market scenario has provided new challenges to marketers and sales people. Often we have seen that a changing product technology or an innovative marketing campaign from a competitor leaves a business reeling with dwindling sales and profitability. We, at RedSeer constantly strive to put our clients ahead of their competitors in a tough market scenario. With customized sales processes according to changing market needs and innovative marketing campaigns especially designed for their business, we help our clients ride the wave of market uncertainty with aplomb and assurance.

Key Services:

  • Sales Processes & Channel Optimization: Building effective sales machinery requires strong sales team equipped with the right set of processes. 
  • Branding: In an increasingly commoditized world, brand is a powerful way to differentiate against competition. We have helped clients define their branding strategy and road-map to bring about the maximum benefits from your branding expertise.
  • Social Media Strategy: Social media used correctly can help clients realize strong returns on their marketing investments. Our experts have often recommended ways of using the social media to maximize your marketing performance.
  • Market-Mix Modelling: Many marketers are still not aware of ROI on their advertising and promotional expenditures. Our proprietary tools especially designed for your industry can help you optimize your marketing mix and thereby increase your marketing ROI.
  • Customer Insights: Developing customer insights such as purchasing criteria, and preferences is crucial to identifying the key customer segments and can help companies decide on the right offerings for the target customer segments.

Client Success Stories

Sales Force Effectiveness

Client providing physical education services to schools wanted to improve its sales force effectiveness to ensure better reachout and conversions.

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Market Landscaping

An Indian MNC client wanted to evaluate the potential of further expansion of its retail stores across Metro cities in India.

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Thought Leadership

Brand Extension and Customer Loyalty

Brand Extension is no longer viewed as a purely revenue vs. capability decision anymore. A successful brand extension could significantly boost the brand equity. The article talks about the application of brand extension strategy in order to improve brand.

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