RedSeer is one of the fastest growing research firms in India with expertise in both run of the mill market research and niche B2B/competitor research. Over a short span of time, RedSeer has delivered some cutting edge research services to our clients in various verticals. Listed below are some of our key services in market and business research.

Competitor Intelligence

A systematic competitive assessment for organizations to help them stay ahead of market situation.

  • Financial Metrics
  • Bill of Material Analysis
  • Benchmarking of key parameters
  • Organization structure
  • Strategic initiatives
  • Detailed company profiles

Sector Analysis

Aided by strong databases and a team of industry experts and analytical tools, we help you understand the industry outlook in short and long-term.

  • Quick customized sector reports
  • Business due - diligence
  • Market Sizing exercises
  • Sector Trends
  • Key Players Profiles
  • Regulatory Research

Location and Talent Pool

One of the fallouts of globalization has been on footprints of the organizations. Organizations globally can no more restrict their operational footprints to some preferred locations. Proximity to market, reduced cost of operations, technological expertise, government initiatives and business continuity along with quality of life have become some of the important determinants for deciding on a location.

RedSeer works alongside its clients to provide optimal footprints for their organizations. With an experience of analyzing close to 100 locations globally on a multitude of suitability parameters for clients across industries, we are well placed to help you.

  • Detailed city, state and country analysis
  • In-depth analysis on Talent pools across various parameters
  • Decision making (AHP = Analytic Hierarchical Process) modelers

Surveys and On-Demand Research

Our rigorous and experienced research team has delivered on ground research services in more than 40 locations globally. Clients work with us for our capability to turn around the most difficult research engagements in quick turnaround times.  Some of the key primary research services are mentioned below:

  • Telephonic or field surveys
  • Focus group discussions
  • Subject matter expert interviews
  • On demand research


Our analytics solutions are customized and targeted at top decision makers. These flexible models are easy to operate, are light and 100% customized. Sample solutions:

  • Sales force analytics
  • Operation costs scorecard
  • Productivity metrics
  • Manpower planning