Organization and Change

In order to sustain any growth, businesses need a strong management layer. However, a growing market for Indian talent has made it tough for businesses to build a strong management layer capable of taking the growth trajectory to the next level. Research shows that 74% of Indian mid-size family businesses are facing major challenges in resource management (either in hiring or retaining talent). RedSeer has helped many clients bridge that gap and build a middle management layer that is capable of managing change in this dynamic market scenario.

Key Services

  • Organization structure realignment: Assessing major talent and process gaps in the organization structure and creating a new structure that is adaptable to the market needs and at the same time not a drain on company efficiency
  • Talent Strategy: Charting the talent road map for a growing and diversifying organization can be tough. However, RedSeer can help clients navigate these challenges through world class HR experts and our proprietary tools and techniques on talent assessment
  • Corporate Governance and Professionalization: Sound corporate governance structure is a key ingredient to ensuring sustainable performance. We help clients create a governance structure that is efficiency and transparent at the same time.
  • Training and Change Management: Any organizational initiative needs to have a proper change management approach to enable a smooth transition from the current organization state to the desired future state.

Client Success Stories

Organization Design

RedSeer redesigned the Organization structure for a leading storage battery manufacturer to keep pace with the changing market needs.

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Thought Leadership

Executive Incentive Packages

Traditional executive incentive packages may work well in strong growth economies, but not in recessionary markets.

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RedSeer Professionalization Index

Only 4% of mid-size Family Businesses can claim to earn distinction in reaching exemplary levels of professionaliation. This report delves into the details of professionalization aspects of family businesses.

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