Why work at Redseer

Why work at Redseer

RedSeer believes in hiring the best talent and providing them immense opportunities to realize their potential. So if you like solving business problems, have an analytical bent of mind and strong client servicing outlook, RedSeer Consulting might be an ideal fit. 

At RedSeer, we work on providing strong measurable results for our clients. For this we require a team of best-in class consultants with a passion for results and commitment to our goals.

Are you a consultant?

  • Do you like working with clients in solving their most critical business problems?
  • Are you motivated to help businesses grow and achieve their goals?
  • Do you have strong analytical skills?
  • Can you break down a complex problem into discrete work streams so that each separate issue can be tackled with the right information?

If the answer for each of the above questions is a resounding “Yes”, then chances are that you will make a strong consultant. To be successful as a consultant, you will require a constant pursuit of excellence in understanding and solving client issues. You will require an almost unending passion to generating practical and useful ideas for our clients.

In your formative years as a consultant, you will be treading a fast learning curve and will be developing your core business skills. In the later years, you will be managing clients and creating more business opportunities for RedSeer.

We at RedSeer are looking for these core consulting skills together with a passion for results and a commitment to our clients and values.

Give your career the takeoff it deserves  !!!

At RedSeer Consulting, you will be:

    • Part of a smart, young and dynamic team
    • Working in an entrepreneurial setup
    • Broadening your professional skills
    • Building your leadership skills.
    • Working on cutting edge issues that our clients face in today’s rapidly changing market scenario.


If you think that you have all the traits to be a successful consultant and are serious about growing fast in your career then go ahead and send us your CV.

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